Why you WANT the JAE-100 G2 Rifle Stock for your M1A

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The first thing that should make you want the JAE-100 is the material that it is made of.  When you take a look at the materials that went into making this particular rifle stock, what you will see is complete metal.  All kinds of the most durable metallic alloys around were used in the manufacture of this rifle stock.  That not only makes it a better complimentary fit to your M1A if it was constructed standard, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about the stock succumbing to wear and tear anytime soon.  Those are both huge advantages to choosing this particular rifle stock product.

Good Fit

Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks to a lot of these rifle stock manufacturers is that they are not too picky about ensuring a perfect fit for their rifle stock.  You should be especially suspicious of any that claim that they have the ability to fit multiple rifles from different manufacturers.

This is not true of the JAE-100 G2 however, as it claims to be made specifically for the M1A rifle.  Some of the more ambitious sellers might claim that M14 style rifles are all good, but at its heart this rifle stock is definitely for the M1A.  That should increase overall functionality as well as make it easy to troubleshoot any problems that might arise.  Overall, a good fit is just better for these and other obvious reasons.


At the same time that the M1A is the perfect rifle for this rifle stock, you will realize pretty soon after purchasing it that the JAE-100 is fully adjustable.  Adjusting the rifle stock is a simple matter of manipulating the interface so that you can get it to fit on your M1A rifle exactly how you would like it to be.  The adjustability is also probably what allows some to claim that it can fit all M14 style rifles.  We cannot comment on that particular attribute, but we can confirm that this rifle stock fits the M1A like a comfortable glove.


The overall cost of this rifle stock will be in the $900 to $1000 range.  This is not cheap in the general sense, but it is definitely cheap for rifle stocks created from Aluminum and Titanium that also have the list of features and advantages listed above.  In fact, many rifle accessory sales will allow you to get the JAE-100 for $900 nowadays and at that price this stock is most definitely an absolute steal.


One last reason why you want the JAE-100 has to be its ability to continually deliver the same level of high performance again and again.  Any rifle stock can be attached and immediately proxy for a bolt in terms of its performance, but over time many of them tend to decay.  This is not good.  However, the JAE-100 is different.  You will be able to rely on it for years, making it easily one of the best investments you could make for your rifle.

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The best stocks for the M1A Rifle

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Some of the best stocks for the M1A rifle are those by J. Allen, Sage EBR, VLTOR and Troy Industries Stocks. The J. Allen bring you tactical stocks for the M1A with each custom stock being hand built and customizable depending on your situation and budget. The JAE-100 G2 stock has a rock solid metal-to-metal fit between the action and stock bedding. Shooters can be ensured of its precise fit with its full length Aluminum Skeleton that withstands a lifetime of disassembly and service, without faltering performance.  The JAE stock has all the standard features needed as well as a simple and adjustable interface for shooters to customize their fit according to their preferences.

The Sage EBR underwent a thorough and sophisticated engineering process. This has resulted in an exceptional design with the main chassis machined from a solid billet of aluminum. The upper hand guard/rail platform is also built using this same aluminum material which fastens itself to the lower chassis using 6EBR Stock EBR Stock machine screws. With well design and engineering, the Sage EBR’s kydex hand guard is comfortable and effective in preventing abrasions of any kind to the shooter as it immediately attaches itself to the bottom of the chassis. Sage also equips its stock with a telescoping stock that is bolted securely to the back of the main chassis. Two steel rods are utilized with 6 notches to allow for an adjustable overall length and it features a strong polycarbonate cheek piece.

If you thought you only had these above mentioned stocks in the market for the M1A, then thing again as the CAS-14 Handguard system that debuted in 2004 by VLTOR is another weapons engineering marvel. The CAS-14 is taken up to the next level being added into Springfield Armory’s SOCOM carbines series. With all the SOCOM II’s being equipped with the CAS-14 system, it has now been remained as the Cluster Rail and spawned a new hybrid called the M14Clich to enlarge M1a stock pic Modstock. The Modstock is a modified Military fiberglass stock fitted with a machined aluminum adapter. The system is also fitted with a Tangodown Battle Grip and a VLTOR Collapsible Carbine Modstock. To make it go the extra mile, the Modstock is also built with a female adapter that compliments the VLTOR Quick Detachable Sling Swivel. This stock gives you performance and the power you need.

Shooters can adjust the length of pull with the receiver extension at five adjustable positions. This stock is easily customizable to the shooter’s content that allows the shooter to have a proper cheek weld with or without optical help. The grip and stock of the Modstocks are completed with a Tangodown Battle Grip and a Vltor Carbine
Clubfoot Modstock with storage space for batteries and other accessories as well as a cleaning kit. All users need to do to access this storage space is to remove the buttstock and unscrew the storage. Shooters also have a variety to select the color in which these stocks come by either in OD Green, Tan or Flat Dark Earth as well as the usual military Black.

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