How To Remove The VLTOR Rail Cluster From A M1A Socom II

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Hello to all of my fellow SOCOM II owners!  I am pleased to bring you a detailed description on how to remove the VLTOR Cluster Rail from your rifle in a few easy steps. From installing a mod-stock, to simply not having a use for your rails any longer, I will have you ready for whatever plans you have in store for your SOCOM II.

The VLTOR cluster rail removes easily and only requires a few minutes of your time and some very basic tools.  Here is what you will need:

1.)   One 5/32 Allen Key

2.)   One standard size socket wrench with a 3/8” socket attached

3.)   About 10 minutes of time to remove rails

4.)   A small amount of elbow grease

Step One

Locate the two 3/8” bolts on the left side of your SOCOM that attach the rear of the rail to the receiver.  Set your socket wrench to remove the bolts and begin turning them counter clockwise.  My bolts were set very tight and required a little assistance from my wife.  While my wife tightly held the rifle in place, I removed the bolts which eventually broke free and were unscrewed the rest of the way by hand.  The two bolts have washers attached, so be careful not to lose them.


Step Two:

Remove the lower portion of your rail cluster from the upper rail assembly.  This is easily done by simply depressing both of the rail locking tabs located on both sides of the lower rail attachment.  Push them in at the same time and simply pull the lower rail away from the upper rail assembly.

Step 3:

Now you have to remove the receiver/barrel from the stock.  This has to be done in order to reach the Allen bolts that secure the upper rail assembly to the barrel.  First start of by removing your trigger group.  This is done by simply pulling out and upward on your trigger guard.  Once the trigger guard is fully opened, remove the trigger group by pulling straight up.  After removing the trigger assembly, the stock should simply lift off of the receiver.  However, my rifle’s stock was very, VERY tight around the receiver and required a little bit of elbow grease.  This is most easily achieved by pulling up on the rear portion of the stock, whilst pulling it towards you to clear the lip that holds the stock ferrule.  Once the stock is off, we move on to the next step.

Step 4:

Now we move on to the actual removal of the upper rail assembly from the barrel.  This is very, very simple.  You will now need to use your 5/32 Allen key.  You will see a large rounded band that curves around the barrel, with two Allen screws on either side.  This is what secured the upper rail assembly to the barrel.  Insert your Allen key and turn counter clock-wise, loosening and eventually removing both screws.  After you have removed both screws, push firmly against the band to loosen it from the rail.  Once it breaks free it should come right out.  Now is the most gratifying step.  Pull the upper rail assembly away from receiver and barrel.  It should come off with little or no effort.

Step 5:

My suggestion at this point is to re-attach all bolts, screws and hardware back onto the rail cluster.  This will prevent you from losing any hardware, should you ever decide to re-install or sell your rail cluster.   It should be noted that there is one piece that is particularly important on the rail cluster that will fall out if not secured back in by the original 3/8” bolt that you removed in the beginning (see photos).  This piece holds the rail tight against the hand-guard clip slot, used to secure the standard rails to the barrel.


Now that you are all finished removing the rail cluster, re-assemble your rifle the same way you disassembled it, just perform all actions in reverse(if that makes sense – lol).  Now you are ready to put on that scout rail and hand-guard that has been patiently waiting to be installed…or maybe a new mod-stock?  Whatever you plan to do, do it safely and enjoy that M1A!!!!!

M1A SOCOM – Why does everyone want one?

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Those who were in the army want it. Those who hunt want it. So, what makes the M1A Socom rifle a great shooting device? There are two types of the M1A Socom rifles, which are the M1A Socom II and the M1A Socom 16. Based on the reviews done for the products, most people opt for the later. Technically, the M1A Socom is a 300-yard rifle, beyond that; you need to really have to calculate the drop.

Though it is noticeably bulkier and heavier, its performance has a lot more to talk about rather than its downside. So yeah, while the M1A Socom 16 is a lot bigger and heavier, it is relatively short in length. It has become everybody’s favorite for a few reasons, it’s very soft, easy to control, and best of all fun to shoot. It is said to be a “perfect girl gun”. Though the heat is quite unbearable, you can get accessories to help protect you from the heat of the chamber and barrel.

The only thing that makes you think twice about buying the M1A Socom is the price. But, if you are considering the accuracy and effectiveness, then it’s money well spent on a M1A Socom. You will be amazed and fully satisfied with your choice. The performance is actually invaluable considering the precise fire on target at great range that it provides. Furthermore, its high accuracy is constantly approved by a lot of veterans rifle users. It was also experimented by many longtime law officers, who can be said as specialists with rifles. The beauty of the 16-inch barrel, with black synthetic stock is a total fascination to gun lovers. M1A Socom 16 is very easy to handle, quick to shoulder and just all-round practical.

The M1A Socom 16 rifle stock is very comfortable in the hands than the thicker wood furniture on the M1A Scout Squad. Although the M1A Socom 16 is smaller, but it weighs about the same to the M1A Scout. However, the short, stout M1A Socom 16 has a lot more attitude, dare we say sexier. It is a powerful and compact shooting device. Moreover, it provides more durability than its counterparts do.

Though there are a lot more users prefer the M1A Socom 16, but the M1A Socom II, is no less than a perfect rifle if accuracy, durability and style are in your mind.