The Difference Between M21 and M1a Rifles

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m1a-rifleThe M21 rifle is a rifle based on the M14 rifle and was the primary Army sniper rifle for the Vietnam War till it got replaced by the bolt action M24 Sniper Weapon system in 1988. The M21 accuracy is about 750 yards and uses the US match grade M118 NATO 7.62 cartridges in five-round or 20-round magazines. With the immense accuracy, the M21 can fire at long-range ball and ball/tracer and armor piercing ammunition. Its long-range ammunition produces stringent tolerances to ensure superior accuracy.

It is the ultimate rifle that has auto-loading accuracy and in active duty, is has elite spec-ops groups world-wide. The M21 is classified as the ultimate tool for those entire law enforcement sharpshooters. The rifle is equipped with an adjustable cheekpiece stock, which enables it to maintain its perfect head alignment with the scope. Known for being accurate, reliable and powerful, the M21 rifle remains the world class standard for sustained precision fire.

On the other hand we have the M1A. In a nutshell, the M1A is a high-quality reproduction of the U.S. M14 rifle which was used in the early years of the Vietnam War. First is was criticized as being outdated but with its re-introduction in 1957, the M1A remains in service today with certain U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine units as well as other law enforcement units around the world. The Springfield M1A capitalizes on the popularity of the M14 type by using GI parts and specs.

This rifle is gas operated and comes in a military style configuration. The Standard model of the M1A costs around $1000 when purchased on an online auction site and it is classified as an assault weapon if equipped with a pistol grip or flash suppressor in several states.

The obvious differences between the M21 and the M1A are the M1A has a vertical recoil system whereas the M21 can move to the left or right while firing. The M14 holds more bullets, but more damage is done by the M21. Also, the M1A is a semi-automatic/automatic rifle while the M21 is a modified version of the M14 which is especially built for sniper activity.

History of the Springfield M1A Rifle

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In the world or weapons, guns and rifles, certain variants remain among the favorites among civilians as well as armed forces. Such is the case of the Springfield M1A. Many people mistake the M1A for the M14 rifles. The M1A is actually the civilian approved version to the United States military version- the M14. Its design and manufacturing comes from Springfield Armory way back in 1974 and some of the M1A versions design and appearance resemble the M21 Sniper Weapon System. The M1A’s are semi-automatic rifles with no chances of being modified to a fully automatic or selective firing machine.

The M1A is also called the Springfield M1A, having been manufactured in Springfield Armory in Genesco, Illinois. Elmer C. Balance gave the title of M1A to the Springfield M1A rifle who is the man behind the privately owned armory in Devine, Texas. In the early days of the Springfield M1A rifle, the guns were built of surplus G.I parts until the Springfield Armory plant began manufacturing their own, which is what we see in today’s M1A rifles. The receiver of these rifles is made from AiSI 8620 alloy steel. Since its introduction to the weaponry world, the Springfield M1A rifle changed hands from its founder- Balance to be sold to Bob Reese in 1974 and Springfield M1A has remained under the Reese family till today.

To most people, the Springfield Armory is the source of the widest variety and of some of the worlds’ most accurate and reliable m14 pattern rifles. In a nutshell, the Springfield M1A is the preferred version or the perfect substitute as some may call it, for the military’s M14 that was used in the early years of the Vietnamese War. The Springfield M1A has remained popular till today because of this as well as its G.I parts and specifications.

The M1A is a favorite among shooters as it has a gas-operated, rotating bolt; semi-automatic magazine fed firing mechanism with 7.62x51mm ammunition. Its military linage comes in its configuration of G.I chrome-lined barrel and standard peep application with front sight blade. To top that off, the Springfield M1A two-stage military trigger and costs around $1000, that is if it is purchased at an online auction site such as Gunbroker. In most states, such as in New Jersey, the M1A is classified as an assault weapon if it comes equipped with a pistol grip or flash suppressor. If you are in any of these states, then you would have to purchase a legal muzzle brake. In any case, always practice caution, safety and security when purchasing firearms and always check with you local laws before proceeding.