The best stocks for the M1A Rifle

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Some of the best stocks for the M1A rifle are those by J. Allen, Sage EBR, VLTOR and Troy Industries Stocks. The J. Allen bring you tactical stocks for the M1A with each custom stock being hand built and customizable depending on your situation and budget. The JAE-100 G2 stock has a rock solid metal-to-metal fit between the action and stock bedding. Shooters can be ensured of its precise fit with its full length Aluminum Skeleton that withstands a lifetime of disassembly and service, without faltering performance.  The JAE stock has all the standard features needed as well as a simple and adjustable interface for shooters to customize their fit according to their preferences.

The Sage EBR underwent a thorough and sophisticated engineering process. This has resulted in an exceptional design with the main chassis machined from a solid billet of aluminum. The upper hand guard/rail platform is also built using this same aluminum material which fastens itself to the lower chassis using 6

EBR Stock

EBR Stock

machine screws. With well design and engineering, the Sage EBR’s kydex hand guard is comfortable and effective in preventing abrasions of any kind to the shooter as it immediately attaches itself to the bottom of the chassis. Sage also equips its stock with a telescoping stock that is bolted securely to the back of the main chassis. Two steel rods are utilized with 6 notches to allow for an adjustable overall length and it features a strong polycarbonate cheek piece.

If you thought you only had these above mentioned stocks in the market for the M1A, then thing again as the CAS-14 Handguard system that debuted in 2004 by VLTOR is another weapons engineering marvel. The CAS-14 is taken up to the next level being added into Springfield Armory’s SOCOM carbines series. With all the SOCOM II’s being equipped with the CAS-14 system, it has now been remained as the Cluster Rail and spawned a new hybrid called the M14

Clich to enlarge M1a stock pic

Click to enlarge M1a stock pic

Modstock. The Modstock is a modified Military fiberglass stock fitted with a machined aluminum adapter. The system is also fitted with a Tangodown Battle Grip and a VLTOR Collapsible Carbine Modstock. To make it go the extra mile, the Modstock is also built with a female adapter that compliments the VLTOR Quick Detachable Sling Swivel. This stock gives you performance and the power you need.

Shooters can adjust the length of pull with the receiver extension at five adjustable positions. This stock is easily customizable to the shooter’s content that allows the shooter to have a proper cheek weld with or without optical help. The grip and stock of the Modstocks are completed with a Tangodown Battle Grip and a Vltor Carbine
Clubfoot Modstock with storage space for batteries and other accessories as well as a cleaning kit. All users need to do to access this storage space is to remove the buttstock and unscrew the storage. Shooters also have a variety to select the color in which these stocks come by either in OD Green, Tan or Flat Dark Earth as well as the usual military Black.

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9 Responses to “The best stocks for the M1A Rifle”
  1. tongyun says:

    This is just amazing that you can customize the rifle with a variety of stocks. It’s really nothing that I had even considered, but modifying it to meet your needs just brings about another dimension to the rifle. I really like the EBR stock because it gives the rifle a “mean” look to it.

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  2. attagirl says:

    Being able to customize your rifle is definately a plus, then it is more specific to the person using it and not just something in general. I really enjoyed reading this one. When you can add yourself to the rifle that give you a better confidence in what you are using.

    “This stock is easily customizable to the shooter’s content that allows the shooter to have a proper cheek weld with or without optical help.” This statement shows me that they care about making it work for the user. Being able to have a proper cheek weld is important with any rifle.

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  3. Aries Wren says:

    Being a handgun user, I never really saw the point of those larger stocks. I mean, wouldn’t a huge shoulder brace just get in the way unless you had plenty of time to shoot your target?

    I guess it would avoid cramps though, and that’s always a good thing.

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  4. Chad Joseph says:

    Many custom fiberglass gunstock manufacturers reply that they do not manufacture/market custom/target stocks for the M1A because competition rules do not allow for them. I find this puzzling, since the US Army itself pioneered a thumbhole stock for its XM21 Sniper Rifle, which included not only the thumbhole “innovation” but a modified gas system and heavy barrel. It is just too bad no one makes a fully-adjustable fiberglass stock for this rifle on the lines of that Fajen Ruger 10/22 Legacy Series Stock. It is not only fully functional, but has a lot of aesthetic appeal as well. In light of the US Army’s use of “custom gunstocks” in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the VietNam era XM21 experiment it is time the competition authorities revise their rules and for manufacturers such as Fajen, Bell & Carlson, MPI, and others to start offering them to the rifle’s owners.

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  5. Kenneth Hall says:

    The problem with most of the Stocks for the M1A is they don’t eliminate Barrel whipping, warping and rotation that effect accuracy. Neither do they give you a completely dimensionally stable platform for your optic that doesn’t create expansion and contraction conflicts. When the rails, mounts, etc expand and contract at a far greater rate than does the action there will be a shift in where the barrel is pointing and the optic. This means if it’s cold when you site it in it will be off when it gets warm. If it is warm when you site it in it will be off Opening day or when it is cold. A lesson I have learned the hard way with all my rifles!

    The VIRON GEN5 Stock eliminates all of these problems and let’s you get sub MOA groups from a standard GI barrel with good ammo.

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    m1arifles Reply:

    Any chance of us here at to get a stock to review?

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    Kenneth Hall Reply:

    Would be glad to do that!

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  6. CJGarvin says:

    I guess I’m a purist when it comes to being a rifleman–I was a 5th Award Expert in the Marine Corps. The biggest factor for a rifle stock is the weight and streamlined ergonomics. The JAE, EBR, and Troy stocks are all very heavy! I’m talking turning a 9 1/2 pound rifle into a 14 to 16 pounder! If you’re a rooftop sniper for police or a gun range shooter, these would be good stocks, but if you’re going to lug it around the field and hump hills all day hunting, forget it. The rifle will kick your ass. For me, simple is better—not as cool, but better.

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    olred Reply:

    i agrre and disagree with you. i have a troy industries msc stock on my service rifle and i couldnt be happer. it is a few pounds heavier but it droped my MOA so it is worth lugging it around because i know when the time is need i can take the shot no problem

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