Why you WANT the JAE-100 G2 Rifle Stock for your M1A

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The first thing that should make you want the JAE-100 is the material that it is made of.  When you take a look at the materials that went into making this particular rifle stock, what you will see is complete metal.  All kinds of the most durable metallic alloys around were used in the manufacture of this rifle stock.  That not only makes it a better complimentary fit to your M1A if it was constructed standard, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about the stock succumbing to wear and tear anytime soon.  Those are both huge advantages to choosing this particular rifle stock product.

Good Fit

Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks to a lot of these rifle stock manufacturers is that they are not too picky about ensuring a perfect fit for their rifle stock.  You should be especially suspicious of any that claim that they have the ability to fit multiple rifles from different manufacturers.

This is not true of the JAE-100 G2 however, as it claims to be made specifically for the M1A rifle.  Some of the more ambitious sellers might claim that M14 style rifles are all good, but at its heart this rifle stock is definitely for the M1A.  That should increase overall functionality as well as make it easy to troubleshoot any problems that might arise.  Overall, a good fit is just better for these and other obvious reasons.


At the same time that the M1A is the perfect rifle for this rifle stock, you will realize pretty soon after purchasing it that the JAE-100 is fully adjustable.  Adjusting the rifle stock is a simple matter of manipulating the interface so that you can get it to fit on your M1A rifle exactly how you would like it to be.  The adjustability is also probably what allows some to claim that it can fit all M14 style rifles.  We cannot comment on that particular attribute, but we can confirm that this rifle stock fits the M1A like a comfortable glove.


The overall cost of this rifle stock will be in the $900 to $1000 range.  This is not cheap in the general sense, but it is definitely cheap for rifle stocks created from Aluminum and Titanium that also have the list of features and advantages listed above.  In fact, many rifle accessory sales will allow you to get the JAE-100 for $900 nowadays and at that price this stock is most definitely an absolute steal.


One last reason why you want the JAE-100 has to be its ability to continually deliver the same level of high performance again and again.  Any rifle stock can be attached and immediately proxy for a bolt in terms of its performance, but over time many of them tend to decay.  This is not good.  However, the JAE-100 is different.  You will be able to rely on it for years, making it easily one of the best investments you could make for your rifle.

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12 Responses to “Why you WANT the JAE-100 G2 Rifle Stock for your M1A”
  1. Mike Mitchell says:

    I purchased my JAE stock for a Springfield M1A Loaded SS medium wt. match barrel. It shot just a little over MOA out of the box. Once I installed the stock that shrunk to about .75 and occassionally I could get 3 rds just over .5
    Outstanding comfort and versatility. I am not a great shooter. For casual shooting or defense work this M1A is my rifle having advantage over my Rem 700 PSS due to capacity. It shoots 150gr. or 168s well. This stock is a deal; great quality. Get one and your M1A will be the only rifle you’ll need.

  2. CJGarvin says:

    If I were to purchase a synthetic stock, this would be it. I’d buy the OD green with black accessories. However, $900 to $1200 with all the goodies is quite a financial commitment considering the rifle with a great scope is already $3000 to $3500 range. I just bought a $265.00 premium black walnut stock with hardware from Springfield Armory for my SOCOM 16. It’s gorgeous! It was already stained dark, but I finished it with WATCO TEAK OIL and added double coats over a two day period. The wood really sucked it up and left a nice flat, non-slick finish and brought out the wood grain even better. You can use tung oil or boiled linseed oil as well. I exclusively use teak oil because this is used on the wooden decks of ships where they get walked on, sea sprayed, and sun drenched all day. You would think that humidity and day in and day out rain would affect the wood and ultimately your aiming point, but this is not true, as long as you saturate the stock with one of these oils every year. In Vietnam, it was SOP for soldiers and Marines to treat their M-14 stocks with boiled linseed oil every three months. I do mine every six months.

    The JAE stock really brings the M1A into the 21 century. I’m a traditionalist though. There’s something special about having the smell of wood mated with cold iron that gives the rifle character. But JAE stock has character also, so it’s just a matter of taste. Either one is a winner.

  3. socom16 says:

    hey CJ do you have pictures of your stock. i just bought a socom 16 with a black synthetic stock. i would like to see diffrent stock types. for the future when i need to replace my stock.

  4. Charles says:

    I just saw the G2 on the first episonde of season 2 Human Target on Fox….nice to see that the guys at JAE are getting some exposure…….I am waiting to get my JAE-700 RLA cant wait.

  5. Ray says:

    Howdy Mike, Looking for a dealer for JAE-100G2 stock, Thanks, Ray

  6. Mike says:

    I went on line and ordered directly from JAE. Just go to JAE stocks and give them a call or email. Took about 3 or 4 months to get mine as I remember it.
    Good Luck

  7. Mike says:

    Can anyone tell me the weight of the basic weighs? I could not find it on there website. I’m looking for something light that I can use off the bench in alternate positions and offhand.

  8. Mike says:

    The weight of the basic stock, is what I meant to type.

  9. Marc says:

    I have a Nat. Match M1A with stainless barrel annd Walnut stock. I purchased a G.I fiberglass stock, OD. Is there a video or document that walks one through the process? Thank you.

  10. Terry says:

    Does anyone know the difference in weight between the JAE stock and the stock that comes with the gun.

  11. Steve Baker says:

    My Loaded model came with a very nice walnut stock that I have stored in the back of a safe. I bought a USMC fiberglass stock that I cleaned and sprayed with automotive bedliner. Add the VLTOR rail set, bipod and great Leupold to be the nicest piece in my collection and a damn good shooter as well. I like the high dollar stock but for the cost of a good scope or???? I like my black rifle set up.

  12. Dragginbutt says:

    Stepping up to a “System” stock is inherently by definition, stepping up in weight as well. And although these stocks DO and Will improve accuracy, they reduce the ability to carry in the field for any distance. So anyone considering upgrading to one of these with the intention of taking it on your next deer hunt should really think twice before stepping up and laying down your hard earned cash. That being said, this system is by far a huge step up. Even though I shoot a loaded and a super match, this stock can improve both guns. Without falling into the custom build AR Mentality, these systems are very accurate, reliable, and down right scary looking to the guy on the receiving end of the scope. And that is what it is all about. For a novice long range competition shooter, these will get you in the ball park.

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