Cool High Speed Video of an M1A Rifle Shooting

April 22, 2009 by  
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I was going through youtube and saw this cool high speed clip of the M1A Rifle shooting a round. The clip shows the shot, the ejection of the shell, and the recycling of a new round into the chamber. And all of this is done in slow motion. Take a look and enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Cool High Speed Video of an M1A Rifle Shooting”
  1. tongyun says:

    High speed video is always so fascinating to watch. Having fired an M1A, you take for granted all of the mechanisms that come into play when a shot is fired. This video really breaks it down so that the human eye can see exactly what is taking place.

  2. jeff kendal says:

    Check out the flippin IDOIT in “M1a in action”. This KOOK leaves his truck door open and shoots DIRT ten feet away. What a waste of good ammo. I like shooting dirt myself but not ten feet away. Chris Nelson Oregon

  3. jeff kendal says:

    How about you PHUCKING IDIOTS who bring chicks to go shooting TEACH them a little bit on how to stand, how to shoulder a rifle, how to use a PHUCKING SLING, and maybe most important some basic common sense and the ten commandments of fire arm safety. The HOT PINK shorts girl is rockin and got my ol’ mind thinking very nice things to do as she was squattin down trying to shooot. Just think PINK… another straight shooter Chris Nelson

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