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Yup, it’s true. I’m paying for your experience and opinions about the M1A/M14 rifle.

I’m using my GI bill to go to school and my blog is slowing down as far as content goes. That’s why I’m offering to pay for your M1A/M14 experience and opinions.

I’m willing to pay the following prices for content:

* A single 300-500 word article – $25 ($30 with pictures)
* A single video review or “how to” – $50
* Combination of both video and content – $75

The content could be anything related to the M1A rifle like accessory reviews, m1a history, product reviews, “how to” (ex. “how to disassemble your m1a rifle”) new rifle/gun laws, marksmanship, or any other idea you might have.

Your name will be kept as the author on your content, however, you must agree to ONLY publish the content on You can’t publish it elsewhere. This is to protect with Google’s terms of service regulations.

If you are interested, use the contact form here and send me your ideas for content. If I approve, I will give you the go ahead and wait for the content. Also, respond here in this thread and let me know if you would be interested.

**I will make payments to you via paypal, make sure you have an account, IT’S FREE.**

I look forward to your replies. Comment below



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15 Responses to “Get Paid to blog here on!”
  1. Stewart Davies says:

    The most important facts I learned from my second M-14.

    After enlisting in the Army Security Agency in the summer of 1967, I was sent to the 8th Radio Research Field Station at Phu Bai, Viet Nam, During Tet of 1968. Needless to say, there was more than a little excitement around there at that time. We formed a Platoon strong “Reaction Force” consisting of four squads, each with two fire teams. I was leader of the second fire team of my squad. Each squad had an M-60, two M-79s and a M-14E2 with a selector switch that permitted full automatic fire. Most people will correctly tell you that full auto in such a powerful weapon that weighed so little, was a waste of your time and load caring ability. Not only did it run threw ammo faster than the M-60, you mostly did not hit anything with that pound and a half of lead and powder inside each magazine. Because I was afraid of running out of ammo when it counted most, in stead of the eleven magazines we were required to carry, I had 44-45 loaded magazines, a bag full of hand grenades, a .45, a LAW if there were any to be had and squirreled away in the Ruck sack, if I remember the correct terminology, an AN-PVS-2 Starlight Scope with a couple of spare batteries. About 125 pounds or so. I know what you are thinking, but I was young and fresh out of football, cross country and track. What is worse, is that nobody would walk near me, I mean at least ten yards away, because they thought that if I got hit, I might explode. That performance and my skill with that weapon gave me opportunities to volunteer for other things.

    During the time I carried that weapon, I learned three things;
    First, that it was very reliable and always shot for every pull of the trigger! Never, not ever did it fail to go bang when I needed it to.
    Second, I could hit anything I could see at almost any range with it! (As long as the screw was tight on the side scope mount.) and…
    Third, if you only un-folded the bi-pod legs half way, to the forty-five degree notch, and hooked them over a log or any other solid support, the straight line stock it made it a dandy light machine gun for the first 80-100 rounds or so. At least until the barrel heated up too much. I loved that rifle to much to abuse it.

    While those things seemed important at the time, things never got so bad that I ever had to, or felt, the need to use that feature. The combination of outstanding accuracy, rate of semi-auto fire, hitting power and reliability gave me such a feeling of over whelming confidence that I never felt desperate enough to want to use it on full auto.

    I chose M-14s when ever I had a chance during the 13 years I spent in the Army or the rest of my time as a “Independent Contractor or Adviser”. I believe that General George S. Patton was right when he said that John Garand’s rifle was “the greatest battle implement ever devised” and that the sentiment also applied to it’s son, the M-14 even more!

  2. Nim Stevens says:

    I have written an account (for another) of a woman who is happy with her M1A and it’s use for home defense. No lives were lost in the making of this memory. I included two pictures of women shooting the weapon, easily found on-line, and a brief account, referenced, of why M14s were superceded by the M1A. Article, including excerpt, is 537 words with 2 pictures. Let me know if you are interested. I will copy this to the other address as well. Nim Stevens

  3. m1arifles says:

    Has the same article been published elsewhere?

  4. Nim Stevens says:

    No it has not been.

  5. Stewart Davies says:

    I was hoping to get a check by now, what happened, did I do something wrong? SFD.

  6. m1arifles says:

    Not sure what you mean. I have only had one writer so far. Did you submit/email the content for review?

  7. m1arifles says:


    Email the content to for review.


  8. Stewart Davies says:

    Yes, see above, July, 22, 9:25 PM by me. ? SFD.

  9. Nim Stevens says:

    Dear Jerry in Admin: I rewrote the article with the woman using her M1A for home protection (source wanted different location and other changes for protection. I also wrote another article discussing the M1 rifle as there is a debated auction going on (or NOT going on) from Korea. The second article discusses M1’s connection to the M1A and it’s historical importance, as well as speculating on the debate surrounding the auction. Let me know if you are interested in reading either of these articles. Thanks, Nim

  10. Chris "Bull" R. says:

    Would like to write/video document an ex Army sniper outfitting and working in his first civilian M1A scout since operating with one in Iraq. Real, raw, uncensored.

  11. FreeTrapper says:

    I would enjoy writing a few articles for you. Thankyou for asking!
    I’m an “old school” firearms guy with a background in Law Enforcement. Currently, I work in private security (armed).
    While I have an interest in all firearms, I lean towards handguns and accurate rifles and have hunted with both, all my life.

    I would also like to thank all military members of this forum for thier service to our Nation. You are all in my prayers.

  12. m1arifles says:

    Email sent to you. I look forward to your reply.



  13. chris "Bull" R. says:

    Hey jerry, I have sent you the article and have not heard back from you. If there is an issue with it, please advise. Thanks

  14. Austin says:

    Me as well, back in January actually. Do you want me to resubmit?

  15. Jwp says:

    I will be purchasing a Springfield in the very near future, 2 weeks probably, I would be glad to document some medium range shot groups on paper with pet hand loads i will be developing. I can go into the development of some of the more accurate loads if Interested. they will be sub MOA – let me know, once I own it I will be interested even more I’m sure. Thanks

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