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3 Responses to “The Best Online Pharmacy. Buy Cialis Without Prescription –”
  1. Walter Horn says:

    I was in the first Basic Training Company at Ft Bliss to receive the M14’s in Oct 1967. Up until that point they were useing M1

  2. john says:

    The gun store doesn’t let me shoot their guns before buying. Rarely will they let you take one apart. When you buy a gun, it is unlikely you will be allowed to strip it beyond field stripping and when you buy a motorcycle it is unlikely you will be able to test drive it. You have to be able to determine condition by the looks of the parts and any wear you see on the ramp or firewall. If the gun is exceptionally clean, it is likely it will work reliably. If it is dirty in the cracks and cravasses, it is probably not a good buy.

  3. David J. says:

    Finally bought myself a new Springfield armory M1a rifle last Dec 21st. 2015. I had always wanted an M14 since I qualified with one in basic (once I got to ‘nam I had to learn on my own how to use an M16!) Anyway I did not know that sSpringfield had produced the civilian version. I had started buying handguns before and found that I had acquired too many of them. (Even though they will will tell you , you never have enough!) That’s from a gun dealer! Back to my story since I purchased the M1a, the manufacturer enclosed a list of accessories for the rifle at or near 40 percent off most of the items. 20 Rd mag 39.00 dollars, bipod 109.00 (actually fits where it is suppose to on the rifle.) I didn’t realize how much I could save by buying from them until I started to look on the internet for these items!
    I really don’t know about buying a used rifle other then as you said look at it, and especially firing it! I am a true believer in buying new and not buying somebody else’s problems! I may not have helped anyone with this but I justed wanted to maybe have a person wanting to buy an M1a look at buying new. It may cost a little more than used but it is backed by the manufacturer Springfield Armory with a full warranty! Have a nice day and go out and shoot at some targets down at the local gun range!🔫

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