M1A Deal of the Day: Camo M1A Synthetic Stock With Harris Bipod Stud

April 20, 2011 by  
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Don’t miss out on this M1A Stock!

Check out this deal on a Camo M1A Synthetic Stock with Harris bipod stud!

Hey M1A lovers! I was browsing ebay when I stumbles across this crazy deal. According to the auction description it’s a USGI M1A Synthetic stock painted in a 3 tone camo scheme. The stock was picked up at a gun show and the description states the owner doesn’t know what type of paint was used. The stock itself is in very good to excellent condition with some minor handling marks underneath the paint.

The front swivel was replaces with a Harris bipod stud adapter which allows you to attach Harris or Harris style bipods.

You can view the item by clicking the image or link below. Good Luck!

At the time of this post the item has ZERO BIDS and the starting price is ONLY $89.99, HURRY!!

Camo M1A Stock

Click to view item

Click here to view the m1a Camo Synthetic Stock

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2 Responses to “M1A Deal of the Day: Camo M1A Synthetic Stock With Harris Bipod Stud”
  1. brad says:

    Hey can you guys put any new stock stuff posts up the AUCTION ENDED! APRIL 20th 2011

  2. AvtomatiK says:

    I just scored a Mossy Oak synthetic on ebay a few days ago. The day before that the same seller had a Urban Camo from the Scout, had a few bids then someone used BuyItNow for 175+ship($200). Another seller listed a MossyOak stock for ButItNow, it sold immediately.
    You need to be looking for these things on a daily basis if you want to find them before others have a chance to buy first. Sometimes its just luck.

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