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m1acheekpad1The site m1acheekpad.com has a good an interesting array of cheek pads designed for M1A and M14 rifle stocks . The purpose of the cheek pad is not only for comfort, but it also gives a good line of sight in the correct cheek to stock weld position which is what shooters need. Owners of M1A or M14 rifles can definitely find a cheek pad that would suit them through this site. Also, the site isn’t filled with flashy graphics and annoying applications.  Once you have found the cheek pad that you require, simply click on the ‘Order Page’ for the purchasing process.

Purchasing my 1 7/8 cheek pad from m1acheekpad.com was a thoroughly good experience, as the customer service given to me was good. The people from m1acheekpad.com gave me good response to my inquiries. Not only that, the shipping was incredible too. As soon as I placed my order and my purchases, shipping was prompt to what has been promised by the folks at m1acheekpads.com.

Customers will be happy to know that shipping costs were also reasonable. Most companies charge an incredibly expensive amount even though the locations aren’t that far. So not only will customers get prompt delivery, they are also not burdened by the shipping costs that directly increase the purchase value of the cheek pads.

Once I received my cheek pads, one thing that really made me happy was the fact the cheek pad was comfortable.m1acheekpad-lean This is a good feature for the cheek pads because not all material is soft. What I didn’t like about the pads were the fact that it kept on slipping positions (leaning right) and it wouldn’t stay upright as how I needed it to be. This disturbed my focus and line of sight. It would be great if the cheek pads were made with anti slip features on the bottom to better grip the stock.

Though the pads themselves were soft, the outer nylon materials were not so great. For male shooters who did not shave their facial hair off, this would be a problem as I noticed my facial hair got caught in the webbed part of the material causing discomfort. Not only that, the material also tugged at my facial hair and caused a sharp pain here and there. This was extremely painful which resulted in a not so comforting shooting experience.

All in all the cheek pad was ok. I would suggest to browse ebay first before you go and spend $40+ dollars on this M1A Cheek pad. Here are some listings.

[phpbay] rifle cheek pad, 6, “”, “”[/phpbay]

Do you have this pad? What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.

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6 Responses to “M1Acheekpad.com- Review of My M1A Cheek Pad”
  1. Steven says:

    Try spraying the bottom with lysol (no bleach), gently wiping dry. This gives more grip to the pad as it is a non slip rubber. Some stocks are more slippery than others. The black krinkle finished stocks from Springfield usually have a rigid feel to them and aids in holding any pad in position. Sometimes if pads are to tall, this will also cause them to cant on the stock as the one pictured has. They are better used by putting downward pressure as opposed to side pressure.

  2. M1A Rifles says:

    Good idea. I’ll have to try the lysol thing. I was also applying downward pressure. The recoil would also cause the pad to slip even if the proper downward pressure was applied to the cheek pad.

  3. Steven A. says:

    I have a Socom 16 and needed a cheek rest for my reflex sight I wanted to put on it. First i bought a nlyon pad and found the same issues your having. So finally i gave in and purchased a synthetic one from desertwarrior.com. I was reluctant at first becuz you have to drill two holes in the stock. Once i got over defacing my beautiful new weapon, I was happy with my decision. It is sturdy, reliable, and comfortable. I strongly recommend it, if you don’t mind drilling into your stock.

  4. Steven A. says:

    I’m sorry this is the websit:


    Great site for accessories…

  5. Steven says:

    CoyoteM1A has a new solid strap on, made just for the M14.


  6. Bud says:

    I have one from Coyote. I like it and the people that sold it to me. Fits well, works great.


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