M1A Review: Review of the Bassett Machines High Picatinny M1A Scope Mount

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bassett m1a rifle scope mount

bassett m1a rifle scope mount

First off, let me introduce myself. I am Kyle. I am a USAF veteran, was in Law Enforcement in AZ for about 3 years and have since returned to the Telecommunications Industry. I am, at heart a technician. In the USAF I was a Telecom Tech, but I was also a Security Forces Extra. I was basically an extra base cop during exercises and so on. At every qualification, I obtained “Expert Marksman”. In the AZ Academy I placed second (using a Glock 22 in 40SW), with first going to an officer using a 9mm. I grew up around firearms, ranging from 22s to 30-06 and everything in between. I am an owner of a new Springfield Standard M1A 22” in the Walnut stock. I take great care in researching and learning every firearm I have ever owned, with the M1A being no exception.

I researched the M1A for 4 months before getting mine. In those 4 months, 3 months were spent researching scopes and mounts. Lets start with m1a scope mounts. As anyone knows, the mounts for the M1A are vast and really do not sell for under $100, with the top end at $400. I don’t know what some peoples budgets are, but mine was differently not at the $400 range for a mount. Through my research I discovered Bassett Machine, located in Dripping Springs Texas. Their website is really easy to navigate, and I found the mount subsection. They show 2 different styles of m1a scope mounts. One being the “Standard”, in two variants, the second being the “Picatinny” style in two variants. Being a modular kind of guy, I chose to start with the Picatinny style.

Bassett offers a “high” and “low” rail. Both being around the $150 range, now we are talking. I also wanted a mount that would not need to be removed to use the iron sights, I am a big believer in backup plans and options. My wants lead me to the “high” rail style, with the people at Bassett confirming that if the “high” rail is mounted on a SAI M1A, there would be clearance to use the iron sights without removing the mount or scope. From what I was able to also find, is that depending on if the receiver is of different manufactures, that the “low” rail could work, but it was a case by case basis. From the photos on the internet, the Bassett mount seemed very straight forward. It had a single bolt to attach to the rifle, with no other anchors. This intrigued and worried me, as I am a big backup kind of guy. I also had researched that SAI also had a single point mount, which received constant bad reviews. So, my research brought me to the reviews of the Bassett mount. I searched for about a month, looking specifically for reviews, and found nothing bad, only great comments and experiences.

bassett m1a scope mounted

bassett m1a scope mounted

Bassett Machine also had the instructions on how to install the mount on their website. It is very straight forward, hold mount in your hand, mate it to the left side of the M1A receiver, hand tighten the single bolt to the threading and use the included tool to torque the bolt to the machined specs. Ok, so now what was this “tool” they spoke of. Well, during the development of the mount, they discovered that the mount needed to be torque to 22lbs. Well, if I am out at the range or in the field, I will bet I do not carry a torque wrench. They thought of this as well and found that by using the weight of the rifle, and using a small piece of metal attached to the bolt, it would not only create the correct torque for installation, if using the tool every time, the mount would return within ½ moa after removal. The ring mounting area is designed to accept Weaver and Picatinny rings. This is important when putting together an optics package.

While Picatinny rings are great, they are often more expensive then their counterpart the Weaver rings. Both mount use claws and tension for mounting, but the difference is in the angles of the anchor points. Well, looks like Bassett thought of everything. Also, with any other mounts, there is no need to remove the strip clip guide of tighten down 3 or 4 allen head bolts with a tiny allen wrench. I like not having to remove factory items to add to something.

Well, with the price, ease of installation, included tool and great reviews, the purchase was made. I received my new M1A scope mount about 4 days after my web purchase. Out of the packaging it looks and feels rock solid. I have held many of mounts, with the UTG brand mounts feeling rather flimsy and was surprised with it in my hands. It included instructions with pictures and the special tool. Installation was a snap, and using the tool was a dream. First range trip out, it help up the Venezuelan and Argentine Surplus ammo, about 500 rounds and no movement. I was able to first sight the irons in, without removal of the mount or scope then moved to the scope. For the price and the final product, I am very very happy with the Bassett High Rail M1A Scope Mount and would recommend to anyone.

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9 Responses to “M1A Review: Review of the Bassett Machines High Picatinny M1A Scope Mount”
  1. Mike says:

    Everything in this post from the second paragraph on could have been written by me. I researched scope mounts big time and went with the Bassett and I could not be more pleased.

  2. kmcintosh78 says:

    Well then, why didn’t you? What is your point?

  3. m1arifles says:


    Hey! I have been emailing you. Did you receive any of my emails? Not sure if they went to you junk/spam folder.

    Contact me when you get a chance.



  4. kmcintosh78 says:

    Sent you an email about 10 minutes ago. Call me.

  5. Michael Simpson says:

    Just read your post Mike. Bought one of these myself and it does the job. What scope are you using?

    Mine is with my son who is a LEO. He mounted the AGOG that is 7.62 calibrated and said he didn’t think it would work without a different stock. So, I am looking for scopes and would appreciate your thoughts.

  6. Threeper Luke reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to tell y’all for a while. He sends this link to Bassett Machine of Dripping Springs TX and their excellent M14 scope mount pictured above.Luke calls it correctly:Good M14 mount that’s quick on-off, zero hold to within 1-1 1/2 MOA and won’t shoot loose Mike,http://www.bassettmachine.com/Only mount I’ve found so far that won’t give a wandering zero. If you take it off and put it back on, it will come back to within 1 MOA of zero, if you use the included strap wrench to torque it per the directions. Has only one screw to fiddle with, too!I now have one of these on the China Doll and will test it next time I’m at the range.

  7. larry chada says:

    I cant wait to get side mount, its been four weeks waiting. I hope before I turn another year older I will get it. I called an got their answering service and then I sent an e-mail. I still haven’t heard anything. I am getting a little worred

  8. Eddy Campos says:

    A few months ago I Bought a SpringField m1a1 scout squad rilfe it came with a black synthtic stock so i ordered a monte carlo wood stock fr springfield armory it arrive also ordered a brand new m14 army issued OD green sling and a basset low rail mount also bought a center point 4-16x40mm scope 5 star rating after reasearhing it, a 20 rd clip put it all together wow wow wow,havent even chamber a round in it it sits in a plexi glass case on my matle where i sit drink my coffee and admire its beauty now I have the brand new black snythic stock wich I have no use for hardware included who wants it yes it,s free did I say free yes I did free free so some one else can admire his work of art i,ll even pay for shipping thats right free free free e-mail me at camposeddy50@yahoo.com includ your PH# please only U.S. resdents

  9. Eddy Campos says:

    P.S. to tak my frustration out I bought a 336y 30-30 marlin rifle this one i don,t mind if i drop,scatch whatever hope you can understand why!!!

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