Why You Should Have Harris Bipods On Your M1A Rifle

March 22, 2009 by  
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hbrDo you know the number one reason of actually getting a bipod for your rifle? Shooters use bipods if they require fast setup speed and even better stability when it comes to shooting on unlevel ground. Achieving an accuracy below 1/2 moa with bipods requires a lot of care and consistency.

There are a number of reasons to why you would need a Harris Bipods on your M1A Rifle. For one, the bipods clamp securely and quickly to the M1A sling. It clamps to the gas block effectively since there isn’t a better mounting point on an M1A. Harris Bipods are also equipped with strong recoil springs to prevent damage to the stock and maintain point of impact. Another thing to note on these Harris Bipods is the fact that their legs are adjustable for height.

The bipods come manufactured with heat treated steel and hard alloys and finished with a black anodized coat. Some of the models of under the Harris Bipods series are Model BR (Bench Rest) Lowest of the Bipods which is most useful for shooting off the bench. The bipods can be adjustable to a height from 6″ to 9″. Then there’s the Model L (Light). This model is the world’s largest selling bipod as it is compact and light. It has an adjustable height from 9″ to 13″ and weighs 11 oz. Model H: (High) is for prone or sitting position shooting and it’s the best for varmint shooting. The height is adjustable from 13 1/2″ to 23″. In the Model 25C, it is the tallest of the Bipods with the three piece leg construction being adjustable from 13 1/2″ to 27″

There are several styles to choose from the Harris Bipods series. Series “M” is a new version of the original Leg Notch Bipod. This version is where the legs eject by spring action and its height is can be adjusted at a rate of 1″ increments. The Series “S” features a rotating bipod that rotates to either side for instant leveling on uneven ground. Hinged base has tension adjustment and buffer springs to eliminate tremor or looseness. This model is similar to the non-rotating Series and is available for ALL models except the “H” model.

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