M1A Scout Squad rifle vs. the M1A Match rifle

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As with any firearm, it is important to find the one that fits the requirements you have for your own needs. When comparing quality made rifles, it is important to know what makes one rifle different from another, such as the M1A Scout Squad rifle vs. the M1A Match rifle.

Both are products of Springfield Armory, Inc. and are semi automatic rifles. The basis of their design was the M14 rifle used by the military. The M1A Match rifle and the M1A Scout Squad are good for both target practice and hunting but can also be used for security. It is not recommended that these firearms should be modified to be fully automatic as it would make the rifle unstable and potentially unsafe to operate.

There are actually two versions of the M1A Match rifle – the National Match M1A and the Super Match M1A. These rifles are more geared towards the commercial market, especially for shooting competitions. The National Match M1A is the more basic of the two while the Super Match M1A has the ability to be customized. As with many rifles available in the market today, various accessories can be added to a M1A Match rifle. It is important to research and most importantly test out the accessories and/or customizations before making your purchase.

The M1A Scout Squad rifle is the version that is mostly marketed to law enforcement for their use. This is an ergonomically designed firearm that is compact and powerful with a reportedly high accuracy rate. While it can be a fairly heavy firearm, the M1A Scout Squad rifle has a clean operating system that is easy to use. Make sure that you have good ear protection with this model as while it has a proprietary muzzle stabilizer, it can discharge quite loudly.

When comparing the M1A Scout Squad rifle vs. the M1A Match rifle, both are known for their sturdy design, dependability and excellent accuracy. It is essential to experience the performance of these firearms personally as you will be able to choose the best one for you. You can also compare their performance over other similar firearms on the market today.

m1a-rifleBoth the M1A Match rifle and the M1A Scout Squad rifle is on the average more expensive than their semi automatic counterparts also offered on the market. While in today’s economy cost is a major factor with any purchase, it is important to consider value for the money. If you pay more up front for a quality made firearm and have many good years of use, it may cost you less to pay more. A less expensive, lower quality firearm may not be as dependable and may need replaced sooner, therefore costing you more money in the long run.

Keep in mind that avid gun collectors are very particular as to the brands and makes of guns that they collect, as they add value to their collection. When comparing the M1A Scout Squad rifle vs. the M1A Match rifle, you will find that whichever you choose, you will have a quality rifle.

M1A SOCOM – Why does everyone want one?

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Those who were in the army want it. Those who hunt want it. So, what makes the M1A Socom rifle a great shooting device? There are two types of the M1A Socom rifles, which are the M1A Socom II and the M1A Socom 16. Based on the reviews done for the products, most people opt for the later. Technically, the M1A Socom is a 300-yard rifle, beyond that; you need to really have to calculate the drop.

Though it is noticeably bulkier and heavier, its performance has a lot more to talk about rather than its downside. So yeah, while the M1A Socom 16 is a lot bigger and heavier, it is relatively short in length. It has become everybody’s favorite for a few reasons, it’s very soft, easy to control, and best of all fun to shoot. It is said to be a “perfect girl gun”. Though the heat is quite unbearable, you can get accessories to help protect you from the heat of the chamber and barrel.

The only thing that makes you think twice about buying the M1A Socom is the price. But, if you are considering the accuracy and effectiveness, then it’s money well spent on a M1A Socom. You will be amazed and fully satisfied with your choice. The performance is actually invaluable considering the precise fire on target at great range that it provides. Furthermore, its high accuracy is constantly approved by a lot of veterans rifle users. It was also experimented by many longtime law officers, who can be said as specialists with rifles. The beauty of the 16-inch barrel, with black synthetic stock is a total fascination to gun lovers. M1A Socom 16 is very easy to handle, quick to shoulder and just all-round practical.

The M1A Socom 16 rifle stock is very comfortable in the hands than the thicker wood furniture on the M1A Scout Squad. Although the M1A Socom 16 is smaller, but it weighs about the same to the M1A Scout. However, the short, stout M1A Socom 16 has a lot more attitude, dare we say sexier. It is a powerful and compact shooting device. Moreover, it provides more durability than its counterparts do.

Though there are a lot more users prefer the M1A Socom 16, but the M1A Socom II, is no less than a perfect rifle if accuracy, durability and style are in your mind.

M1A Scout Rifle-What You Didn’t Know

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So everybody is talking about the Scout version of the M1A. This new bloke is able to shoot 3-4” or better at 100 yards. The accuracy was so unbelievable that one of the Vietnam veterans once said that it is so accurate that it could “shoot the balls of a mosquito”.

A big plus point is that the M1A Scout’s cleaner operating system is easy to use cause there is no direct gas impingement. This semi-automatic design is good for your target practice, security and of course for any kind of hunting. The only thing that most shooters are concern about is the fact that it is quite expensive and a little heavy.

Anyhow, it is fast becoming the law enforcement favorite. This M1A Scout Squad rifle with forward mounted optical sight base provides an excellent platform for the aim point military sight. The M1A Scout is said to have a lot more hand on. Some say that the iron rifle’ accuracy can go up to 500 yards.  It has all the benefits of target acquisition and are vastly improved. Additionally, the passage is unhindered to the receiver mechanism.

Despite having a proprietary muzzle stabilizer, what you really need to know about the M1A Scout is that it is quite a “blast” when you perform your shooting, therefore you need to make sure that you have a good earpro to able to overcome the loud noise.

One more thing you need to know about the M1A Scout is that it is truly compact and powerful. This feature is incomparable to any of the other counterpart. Its 18-inch barrel made possible by a returned gas system. Plus the black fiberglass stock, forward-mounted scout-style scope mount is such a beauty. Due to these facts, the M1A Scout  is quite expensive compared to its counterpart, for instance the Armalite AR-10 Carbide. However, in terms of the ergonomics and accuracy, the M1A Scout wins hands down. It is undeniably solid, not like another piece of plastic shooting device like some of its counterparts.

That is why the M1A is known as the Battle Rifle, it is due to its sturdy design and high accuracy. Though it is quite heavy due to its robust design, it is very accurate for a semi-automatic. When you finally use it and have the hands on experience, will help you to understand more about the fantabulous performance of the M1A. A lot of those who have been in the war and have experience with the M1A-the fully automated version have approved of the quality of the M1A Scout.